I’m a mum, writer, marketing strategist, entrepreneur. As a third-culture kid, I’ve lived and worked in four continents and I’m raising my little five year old Finley as a third culture kid. She’s travelled the world, and now settled in school at Green School Bali.

I’m passionate about living slowly and using creative values to drive change and improve things. I’m passionate about music, education, creative ways to engage and drive change and build collaboration, positive parenting, sustainability, minimalism and other ways to live a positive, fulfilled life and change our planet for the better.

In 2003, I left my career in the publishing and marketing industry in Singapore to launch my own business – an education and corporate training company with my husband, who is a jazz musician and educator on music and creativity.  Twelve years later, we have been invited to speak and deliver workshops around the world with leading organisations, non-profits, Universities and schools, all using music as a metaphor and activity to demonstrate successful collaboration.

In 2011, our biggest collaboration happened when we finally – after a long struggle with infertility – welcomed an incredible little girl into the world. After she was born, I decided (in a hormonal moment of sanity/insanity depending on how you look at it) to put all our precious items in storage, give things away and leave our home in Asia to travel and find a new place called home. So with a three month old baby in tow, we set off on the journey of a lifetime.

Continuing from the success of our creative educational program, we along the way, created Bambajam, an award-winning sustainable musical instrument and program to accompany the collaborative educational program that my hubsand had developed ten year’s prior. Our vision for Bambajam is to redefine what an educational tool and resource can be – financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Our life is unconventional, full of entrepreneurial highs and lows, but I live by the wisdom, that to truly make a difference in the world, and if you passionately believe in something then all will work out in the end.

Keep shining. Keep nurturing our children and our planet and we can build a better today and tomorrow.

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