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Mothers Day – Dreams Do Come True

May 14, 2017

I’m always very sentimental on Mother’s Day. As we sat over our Sunday brunch this morning. I told my five-year-old daughter, Finley that I celebrate today with her, because it was she choosing me as her mama that allowed me the honour of becoming a mother. So I celebrate this gift and this day with her. The best thing that ever happened to me – becoming a mother.

For seven years in my late twenties, I grieved for not being a mother. I went through an up and down time in my life of being successful in business and entrepreneurship, but wasn’t able to conceive a child naturally. It was heartbreaking and a painful time in my life. But life went on. Life was still somewhat happy. I was resilient.

I will share the full story another time, when I am ready, but it was an up and down period in our life. Sometimes I was happy, sometimes despondent, angry; and other times I just threw myself into work; Sometimes life was normal. But, I never gave up hoping that one day it would happen.

Then, one day in 2011. Just before heading to a business meeting, I did a test and found out I was pregnant. A miracle. It took a while for me to believe, but nine months later, the best day of my life happened. Finley came into my life. Finley, the light-haired warrior.

I am certainly not the perfect mother, and life gets busy so its often easy to forget how lucky I am. But every birthday, anniversary and Mothers Day,  I am reminded wholeheartedly looking into Finley’s eyes or touching her skin, how blessed I truly am. Dreams really do come true. I am the luckiest mama on the planet and feel so honoured to be a parent.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers, caregivers, mamas-to-be, and mamas trying to become a mother. Never give up hope.

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