Our Scoot Around London

July 20, 2015

Our first grey, drizzly day out since we arrived here in blighty for the summer. We have literally been non-stop since we got here two weeks ago. So after an incredible time at our friends’ wedding in the Oxford Cotswolds, we popped into London for two days to visit my brother and I thought I’d take the little one into the city to go to the museum for the day while my other half had a business meeting.

Scootering Around London

We hopped on the underground and as it had been almost two years since we were last in London, fpop (my four year old) was a little freaked out by the noise. But she soon warmed up and we headed to London Bridge station and walked outside into the rain. We saw The Shard building through the drizzle then headed to Borough Markets to see all the food stalls set up. We then took the riverside walk heading past Southwark Cathedral and towards Southbank Centre. We borrowed one of my nephew’s scooter’s which made scooting up and down the Thames in the drizzle much easier and faster. Here’s some of the sights along the way.

GCC London Golden Hinde

Sir Francis Drake’s The Golden Hinde II

Pirate Ship! as fpop delightly squealed when we saw Sir Francis Drake’s The Golden Hinde II 

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

GCC London Jubilee Bridge

Scooting across the Jubilee Bridge


We got out of the rain by popping into the Tate Modern. I could have spent a whole day here, but a scooting four-year old only has so much attention span, so we covered only a few exhibitions, which was lots of fun.

GCC London Tate Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol’s Self Portrait

The Tate Modern is a great day out with little ones as there are plenty of facilities and its easy to get around with pushchairs.

GCC Tate Modern Finley Eyes

‘Looks like the inside of your eyes’ says Finley

After the Tate Modern, we walked up to the Southbank Centre. Lots of things to do for children near Jubilee Park and the London Eye. The drizzle by this point had stopped and after some chasing pigeons we met up with Fpop’s daddy and they both went on the carousel.

GCC London Jubilee Park 2

But the highlight of our walk was when Finley caught a glimpse of Big Ben. She loved it. We had visited Big Ben when she was 21 months and she was besotted by it.  But the first thing she asked was when she saw Big Ben was, “where is the Eiffel Tower?”. This is because in one of her favourite books Around The World We Go, Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and other great landmarks of the world are all featured next to each other.

London Thames Day Out With Kids

London Thames Day Out With Kids

We headed back across the Jubilee Bridge to Monument Station and back to pick up my nephew from school. It was only a half-day adventure and we had lots of fun. So glad we did this little mini-adventure.

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