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Our First Year in Preschool At Green School Bali

June 23, 2015

As we start to say our farewells at school and get ready for our first trip back to the UK since we arrived in Bali.  I feel ready to reflect on an incredible year for Finley at her pre-school.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have experienced two little holistic schools since we arrived in Bali. The first wonderful experience was at Pelangi School in Ubud and this year at Green School where my husband now teaches. Green School is well known around the world for its incredible architecture, focus on sustainability and the community-inspired vision from its founders John and Cynthia Hardy.

What we didn’t realise is just how enriching the Early Years experience was going to be for Finley. She’s leaving her Pre-K class, known as Geckos, a much more independent little four year old, able to deal effectively with her emotions, strike up conversations with older children with no problems at all.

Her physical and motor skills are also off the charts, much to my overzealous protectiveness, she loves climbing trees, swinging from monkey bars and using hula hoops. I have an art portfolio packed to the seems with all the various art projects over the year. She is also mindful and loves yoga, thanks to her weekly yoga class with her teacher Ibu Russlee.

Her reading and writing skills which were already well underway have been enriched with daily storytelling. Finley has started her journey into education where school is somewhere she doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day (which makes my job almost impossible – getting her to leave the school campus!).

Here’s Some of the Highlights of Pre-K (Early Years) at Green School

The year journey has been a mix of incredible experiences, wonderfully nurturing teachers and lovely little friends from all around the world. Here are some of our highlights of the year; some of which she will never forget.

Green School Early Years Geckos

The Geckos classroom is nestled in the Early Years section of the Green School campus in the heart of the jungle of Bali. All classrooms have no walls and completely made from sustainable bamboo.

Each day is filled with activities and free play. From green studies, yoga, Bambajam, library visits, gym and so much more.

Finley Meets The UN Secretary General – Ban Ki Moon

Yes. That’s Finley, above ,age 3 with Secretary General Ban Ki Moon here at Green School. On of the highlights of being in such a large community is that we attract so many inspiring speakers and advocates for sustainability. Secretary General was here to sign an MOU with the school to bring sustainability education to a million schools in Indonesia. And my preschool daughter got to witness such an occasion.


Green School Bali Geckos

One of my favourite parts of the Early Years programme at Green School Bali. Kind words, gentle hands.

Sensory Play and discovery in the Geckos classroom.

Geckos performing at the Green School Friday assembly. So proud that 3 and 4 years old can stand up and perform in front of 300 people. So cute.

The community at Green School is wonderful. This was the Thank You card and gratitude presents that some of the parents got together to make for our teachers.

Future gardener at work. The Early Years playground and area is so fun that we often stayed to hangout for a while after class.

This is what a typical Friday looks like at the end of a school day. Butterfly face paint, exhausted and screaming not to leave school. I’d love to say that this was mud on her face, but no, it’s ice cream (Friday is ice cream day for us). You can choose from crystal-infused dairy free or the full sugar/full dairy option) which we often do.

Above is the Green School Early Years Performance area/mini amphitheatre. This was all set up for class’s Indonesian performance.


Saraswasti Day at Green School

We had friends in town and soon after the Saraswati blessing we walked down to Kul-Kul Farm and planted some trees during their opening. It was a rainy muddy day and we had lots of fun getting our hands dirty.

One of the wonderful Early Years teachers who cared and looked after our children.

And students performed Balinese dancing with mesmerising grace during Saraswati Festival.

There was so much else that happened during the year. I am just so excited to be visiting family and getting ready to come back for her second year at Green School in Pre-K Starlings.

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